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He almost broke my heart...

Polo is my now 16 year old shihtzhu, but we didn't think he was going to make it to 12.  He developed seizures about 5 years ago. He was dizzy and couldn't hold himself up, it was pitiful. He's my most special, oldest best friend, I had to find something to help him that wasn't a steroid, because he wasn't himself on prednisone.  I started researching and a dear friend whose nephew has seizures suggested CBD oil.  Her nephew was thriving and living a normal life using CBD, and I had to try it, anything to help Polo. I started him at 100mg of CBD, and it worked!!! He stopped being dizzy, he was acting like his old nosey, fussy, possessive, active self!! In addition to seizures, Polo is a puppy mill descendant, I had no idea back in the day when purchasing this baby.  He also has arthritis and a heart murmur. With exception to the occasional flea bite skin irritation, he's healthy and thriving. He currently takes two drops of the 350mg CBD oil twice a day, and if he's more anxious than normal, I include Blueberry OG Terpenes, they have an additional calming effect.  I know he has quality of life, he's able to ride around with me and hang out the window bringing smiles to everyone in Sarasota....He's happy, he runs around and plays with his toys and I feel great about the life he has, and would love to spread the word about CBD so other pets and people have a better quality of life with the help of a simple plant....once you get past the stigma and politics, it's a plant, and it helps!!! Researching hemp lead me to other natural alternatives, I started learning more about essential oils, beeswax, honey, other herbs and natural hacks to replace all the processed chemical consumer products I had been using and believing in all these years. We made a life change, all of a sudden things started making sense.  A chiropractor friend asked me one day, "What's your largest organ?" The answer was my skin, and his point was why would you rub something that you wouldn't eat or consume on your largest organ? A lightbulb finally went off in my 40 year old brain, and I started searching for more natural alternatives to the convenient products we had come to depend on.

My sweet angel passed away September 17th 2018, he was 16, and my heart. I will update later, I just can't type it all out now. WE LOVE YOU POLO

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